Learn to crochet with Hook A Monster

Hook A Monster is a unique Beginner's Crochet Workshop - instead of granny squares or doilies, let's make a monster!

What we do is called Amigurumi (pronounced a-me-gu-roo-mi). It is a Japanese word for the art of making stuffed dolls and toys. We teach you the basic skills in crochet including single crochet stitch, working in the round, increasing, decreasing, fastening off and making a magic circle. Don't worry if that all sounds like gobble-de-gook. We have figured out a simple method to help you master every single technique. Plus, we have beautifully designed diagrams for reference and - shhhh, don't tell anyone - a sneaky cheat sheet to keep track of your stitches!

We also guide you through Amigurumi specific skills of placing eyes, adding features, managing toy stuffing, fastening off neatly and creating a unique toy. We can show you how the placement of the eyes can change a scary monster into a goofy monster. We can help you shape the noses and mouths to create that particular bewildered kawaii look. We help you choose the arms and legs for your monster so that you can see your little creation come alive with character!

The team takes so much joy in helping you make your Monster a one-of-a-kind creative expression. There will be examples in the room to demonstrate how colours and textures can be used to customise your toy.

Our classes are taught in small groups of three to four people per group. This allows us to guide you every step of the way and give you individual attention. And most importantly, a steady supply of biscuits and tea!

You can also book the workshop with a Goodie Bag which has a set of crochet hooks, a stitch marker, a darning needle, an extra ball of yarn, a bag of toy filling and our excellent reference booklet with extra patterns for you to try at home. Now you can continue your Amigurumi adventure for years and years to come!

You can find out more about our venue here. We have had very warm feedback and the warmest feedback is usually for providing close supervision and lots of humour.

Click here to book a workshop - our next one is 21st October, a super duper Halloween special! We hope to see you very soon.

Viv, Mya & Mel

The Hook A Monster Team

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