About Us

Hook A Monster was started by 3 friends; Viv, Mya and Mel.
It didn't take us long after we first met to realise we had a passion for crocheting
and a few years later we decided to funnel that energy into these workshops.
We love crocheting and we love being able to pass on our knowledge and get other people excited too!


Viv learnt to crochet from her mum 5 years ago. She has been living in a mountain of wool ever since and keeps buying more!


Viv works with Mya to make lots of soft, crochet toys which they sell on their online Etsy shop BearsInHoodies.


Mya first tried to learn how to crochet from a "Make Your Own Hat" box. She was saved from her disastrous attempt by Viv thus proving that an

in-person tutorial is the gold standard to learn crochet!


She is now the other half of BearsInHoodies and lives in the same mountain of wool as Viv.


Mel started off her crocheting career 12 years ago when she decided that learning to crochet was far more exciting than revising for exams.

When Mel's not climbing mountains of wool with Viv and Mya, she is busy developing her own line of cute, crocheted critters called BumbleDinks which you can follow on Instagram.